who is yana?

Yana can be a confidante, an accomplice, a teacher, or simply a friend. Above all, it will be your companion in the complicated and unknown path that depression is. Yana’s mission is to give you back hope.

Yana is an automated conversational agent or "Chatbot" that supports people who have depression through strategies based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Where can i talk to yana?

Yana is available through Facebook Messenger in m.me/yanamexico. Therefore, you can talk from any computer, tablet or cell phone that has access to the internet.

It is important to mention that no Chatbot is available through "Messenger Lite", it is necessary to have the full version of Facebook Messenger if you want to talk through an App.

who is it for?

Yana is for all those 13 and older who suffer -or think they suffer- from depression. The reason why it is necessary to be 13 years old is because Yana lives in Facebook Messenger, and that is the minimum age to have a Facebook account.

If you do not meet the minimum age, we want to advise you to approach a trusted adult and tell him your situation.

is it free?

At the moment, Yana is completely free.

However, it is important to mention that the only way to help people with depression to recover hope in any corner of the world, is through a self-sufficient platform.

That is why, although for now it is free, Yana will have a cost later. Of course no charge will be made without first notifying our users.

is it a replacement for therapy?

Yana is not a substitute for any psychotherapist or traditional therapy, since it is impossible to replace the human connection. Yana can guide you to identify if you need professional help and with what urgency. It can even give you contact numbers whenever you need to, but it can not replace a psychotherapist.